Why Cats Bring in Dead Animals

Published: 24th January 2008
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We tend to think of Cats as little humans or even dogs, to obey and to do what we want them to do. I want to clarify from the start - Cats are Cats. As simple as that - they have different instincts.

Cats are hunters, they come from a long line of hunters and that is embedded into their genes. They are built to catch prey. Their physical built, silent paws, night vision, their teeth - it all sums them up as one of natures hunters. Yet, today they are seen more as companions and pets, they are not given the respect they deserve, the respect that the Egyptians gave them so many years ago. The least anybody with a cat can do is to know why they behave like they do, and why they bring in dead animals into the house.

A cat is brought up by its mother, using different steps. (Something that doesn't always happen today) A mother cat would go hunt for her kittens and bring back the prey that she caught. She would then devour that prey in front of the kittens. Cats learn by experience and what is pleasurable, the mother teaches her kittens in the same way. She would then bring back prey for the kittens to eat, later have them kill the prey. Step by step taking it further and further until the kittens can go out with her to hunt, eventually hunting for themselves. Mother cats have been known to do the same for other kittens, which are not their own. Taking responsibility for them and giving them loving care.

Therefore the reasons for cats bringing in dead animals are:

They are fulfilling their hunter right.

They are trying to teach you hunting skills. (Which we obviously lack)

They are showing the care and love of a mother.

So, the next time that happens - when your cat brings you a dead (or injured) animal and puts it by your feet. Remember why she does it, her instincts, training, and love.

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Yahoo answers on September 1, 2011 said:
Maybe the cat thinks you are part of the pack and need food as well, or it thinks that this behavior is friendly in some way?
Sophie on September 14, 2011 said:
It is therefore just an instinct for them to bring in dead animals and who are we to try and change the instincts of cats.

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