Cat Waking You Up At Night?

Published: 24th January 2008
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It is amazing how many people forget or seemingly don't know that Cats are nocturnal predators. Sleeping during the day and hunting at night. A normal cat can sleep between 13 and 18 hours a day, depending on the age of the cat and it's personality (Remember a cat is an individual as well). Small kittens tend to sleep all day, but this is natures normal way for getting that kitten strong and making sure it doesn't wander to far from the mother. Gradually they will grow and take on the same sleeping patterns as the adult cats.

Taking into account these long hours of sleep during the day, is it any wonder that your cat wakes you up in the middle of the night or early in the morning? It is natural.

Another reason is that cats are predators and being a cousin to those bigger predators gives her the instinct to hunt. The best time for prey are in the evenings and early in the mornings, with her night vision and sensitive hearing being at its peak. This gives her even more of a right to be awake through the night. Hunting and jumping and - waking you up! She wants you to come and play with her.

Many cat owners make it even worse by getting up and giving the cat a snack or letting her out or doing anything the cat deems as pleasurable. A cat learns through experience and pleasure. When you do things for her which she likes, she thinks it is perfectly normal or even a pleasure to wake you up during the early mornings. Do not give the cat rewards for waking you!

Another mistake cat owners make are hitting, yelling or running after their cat. Trying to scare her straight - "trying to teach her not to do it". There are two problems here. It is never a good idea hitting a cat, they can be very unforgiving. The other problem is that running or screaming after the cat can be construed by the cat as a game. Therefore she will just wake you up the next morning expecting the same game.

There are better ways to correct this sleeping pattern of cats. But at least now you know the reasons behind your cat keeping you awake.

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